The Story Behind the Creation of Serenity

Jana Evraets - founder and owner of Serenity Meditation and Wellness / Certified Health and Life Coach / Certified in Mindful Meditation and Mindful Eating

I wouldn't be able to tell the story of Serenity without starting at the beginning; in 2013, our 16 yr old son, Austin, took his life and his passing sent me, and the other members of our family on a journey we would have never expected to go.

As I write this, it becomes difficult, so the story may unfold over time with me being able to add a little more here and there.

Serenity's Logo (which is now officially trademarked) is a Sunflower created by Sara Marquette. The sunflower was Austin's favorite flower.

Our Approach

Our Story

Kelsea Evraets – I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's in BioChemsitry. I personally have struggled with constant anxiety and I feel as if my thoughts never stop running. Being so young, and as a student, the pressures can build up and become overwhelming. When my mom wanted to begin this journey, I was filled with joy because I know how many people it can help. I have had the opportunity to help her build her dream by designing the website and being the researcher for the business.

Benefits of Meditation


Mental/ Psychological

Reduced anger and aggression

Increased Happiness

Improved concentration and focus

Increased self-confidence

Improved general state of well-being

Improved total relaxation


Reduced heart rate

Improved energy levels

Decreased muscular tension

Lower risk of heart disease

Balancing of blood sugar levels

Improved recovery from exercise

We are not professional health care providers. We do not diagnose, treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform functions of clinical occupations. Meditation, yoga, and coaching are not to take place for any instructions provided by your doctor. Please contact your doctor and/or physician first.